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HyunGlobal directly sells cars to our customers without intermediaries to all customers in all countries.
We satisfy all customers in price and quality through reliable inspection, quality control and free vehicle upgrade system.

Electric cars from Chinese manufacturers

Dear customers, our team is in a hurry to inform you that starting this week we are starting cooperation with Chinese manufacturers!

Now you can purchase from us high-quality Chinese electric cars from manufacturers at competitive prices!

How we are working
We take care of all processes, relieve you of unnecessary hassle and minimize your involvement.
How we are working
We take care of all processes, relieve you of unnecessary hassle and minimize your involvement.
After your consent to purchase the car, we will issue you an invoice for payment, which must be paid within 2 days. After payment, the car is transported to our parking lot, we prepare documents for export, then we send the car on an auto transporter to the port, load it onto a ferry or into a container and send it to you. Each process is accompanied by a photo/video report. You can find out where the car is at a given time at any time.
We select cars according to specified criteria: price, brand, model, equipment, mileage, year of manufacture and technical condition. We check whether the car was involved in an accident.
Our employees travel to all cities in Korea and conduct a thorough inspection, providing a photo/video report. We check the condition of the body, interior, chassis, and engine. Be sure to measure the thickness of the paintwork with a special device. Online inspection is possible.
Depending on the destination, the car is sent by RORO or container. We work on FOB, CIP/CIF or completely turnkey terms. Shipping costs will also depend on your destination, vehicle type and value.
In countries and cities where there are our partners, we provide assistance with customs clearance, certification and vehicle registration upon arrival.
After receiving the application, the manager will conduct a consultation - answer your questions and clarify your wishes for the car.
Initial Consultation
Vehicle Inspection
Customs clearance and registration
Auto fit
Catalog of available car brands
Our team are professionals in their field!

Over many years of experience, we have built a system that guarantees the purchase of a quality car in Korea, fast and reliable shipment from Korea and quick customs control.

We are focused on an individual approach and take into account every client’s desire. We will help you purchase a car based on the calculation of your capital and the requirements for the characteristics of the car.

By contacting our company, you can find the car of your dreams.
About Company “HYUNGLOBAL”
Cars shipped worldwide
years of stable and high-quality work
- is:
cars for clients every month
>10 000

In 2023, our team won a trophy for exporting cars worth $9,000,000.

Our goal for 2024
Increasing sales and reaching $15 million.
We work with all auctions and
dealer sites in Korea
Proven, well-known auctions and sites are leaders in the number of cars sold
The Encar platform is the most convenient platform for buying a car at retail. Everyone buys here - from dealers to ordinary consumers.
Hyundai Glovis is one of the most famous and largest auction sites in Korea. The auctions are held in several cities across the country.
Happy Car Service is a little-known site that sells few cars, but of good quality.
Lotte Auto Auction is a popular used car auction that sells tens of thousands of cars every year. The cars are in good condition.
AJ Sellcar Auction - The auction is one of the three largest and most popular auctions in Korea.
Car Manager is a closed platform for professional dealers. Unlike Encar, access requires a dealer's license.

How to use the site for choosing a car from Korea

We enclose full instructions for the auction in video format.
Search for a car in the catalog
Filter settings
Price calculation
Report information
We are looking for partners
We have been cooperating with organizations from different parts of the world for 15 years.

Our company is open to cooperation with new partners who are interested in importing Korean cars.
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Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?
We are a company with many years of experience, providing a full cycle of car servicing thanks to the presence of partners in the CIS countries.
You don’t have to spend all day monitoring advertisements, going to meetings with sellers and running into dishonest resellers.
On your part, you only need to clarify your search parameters, preferences and budget - we will do the rest for you.
We save your time
Our managers will answer any questions in detail, give their expert assessment, and check the history and technical condition of the cars using documents.
Expert selection

Our partners in any country will provide full legal support and assistance with customs clearance, re-registration of a car, as well as vehicle registration.

Assistance in re-registration of documents
The professionalism of the employees is confirmed by certificates. Their knowledge is certified by commissions at regular re-certifications. Our team will select the cars that best suit your expectations in a short time.
Business license
We carry out comprehensive vehicle diagnostics. We measure the thickness of the paintwork and provide a full report in photo/video format.
On-site diagnostics
Decency and honesty are the key to success. We take a responsible approach to the selection of cars: we check all criteria and guarantee the quality condition of the car.
Only honest cars and sellers
Our company has all the necessary certificates and licenses that show our experience and professionalism.
Guaranteed delivery on time
Warranty for the operation of on-board and electronic systems
One of the significant stages of the test is to check the functionality of all on-board systems, in the event of a malfunction of any of them, the expert writes in the report.
Body and
paint coating warranty

Before purchasing, our expert examines the car in detail for traces of body repair, paint and corrosion; such a check allows us to identify the presence of non-factory welds, non-original or replaced body parts. Based on the results of each inspection, you are provided with a photo and video report.

Engine and transmission warranty
When checking a car in Korea, special attention is paid to power units and assemblies; the internal combustion engine is checked for extraneous noise and the presence of gas and oil leaks; if all indicators are normal, we do a test drive before purchasing, and we inform you of the results.
We start shipping the car immediately after you make payment. Approximate delivery times are discussed with you in advance.

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